from all over the world!

Jabari Bryant

President & Chief Operating Officer

With 20+ years of marketing and management experience Jabari Bryant brings a wealth of knowledge to Adroit Enterprises. Studying Finance and Political Science at Georgia State University affords him a unique perspective in marketing as well as a knowledge of the cost benefit of business decision making. Mr. Bryant has written grants, trusts and organized businesses for over a decade. He is anxious to help clients all over solve their business needs today.

Sophia De Poli

Webmaster and Lead Designer

My name is Sophia De Poli. I studied Design at the University of Palermo. I start working at Adroit Enterprises Inc in 2021 and found my passion for digital design. I am dedicated to the design of both Adroit and our clients. I am responsible for all creative content (including but not limited to: social networks, websites, and all graphic design elements any company needs to create and ensure its brand identit)y.

Ariana Pesce

Marketing Data Analyst

My name is Ariana Pesce. I studied Business Administration at the University of Buenos Aires. Five years ago I gained interest in art and science of marketing. I love everything related to both the design and analytical aspects of marketing. I began work at Adroit in 2023 creating and analyzing campaigns for clients and partners for the most effect results.

Carolina Bronstein

Web Designer

My name is Carolina Bronstein. In 2022 I graduated high school and immersed myself in the world of programming. I specialized in website creation and today I am the website builder for Adroit and their clients.

Andrea Pérez

Graphic / Creative Designer

I'm Andrea Pérez, a Graphic/Creative Designer who believes that design should be both beautiful and functional. I've worked with Adroit since 2021. My specialties include video editing, social media design, and logo design.

Vansh Bansal

Web Master

My name is Vansh Bansal, and I am an experienced full-stack web developer and designer with over 2 years of expertise. Throughout my career, I have successfully delivered over 100 websites. At Adroit Enterprises, I am responsible for end-to-end website development and design, ensuring top-notch quality and functionality.

Julie Kay Lewis

Office Manager

I am Mrs. Julie Kay Lewis. I am a native of Savannah, GA. I began with Adroit Enterprises in 2022. I assist the team with scheduling, transcribing or coordination with clients. I am here to bridge the gap between client relations and Adroit staff services. I look forward to helping solving your business needs.


Jabari Bryant is Founding Partner and Chief Operating Officer of Adroit Enterprises. Mr. Bryant is a veteran of the U.S. military and has been an avid traveler. Since finishing at Georgia State University Mr. Bryant has served as Executive Director for Today for Tomorrow; has taught marketing on the secondary level and sat on the board of numerous nonprofit corporations.

Mr. Bryant brings more than twenty years of management experience to bear having worked in both retail and restaurant management initially and in operations and logistics management more recently. Mr. Bryant is excited to launch Adroit Enterprises with his partners and investors to solve the business problems of tomorrow today.